Saturday, April 19, 2014

Random Empties 01

finally back with my third empties post, suppose to be a monthly post but now i changing this to a random date instead since i cant do a proper job yet. oh well, i did skip my previous month empties thus this empty post doesnt really have much to began with.

at least i trying to get back to track in declutter-ing!

total of 11 items = 6 full sized + 5 travel sized items


For lazy people like me, i really find this In-Shower Skin Conditioner from NIVEA great. why? you just need to apply this after washing up, then rinse off and dry yourself up. with this conditioner, i dont find my skin as dry or itchy nowadays, and you dont really need to apply any moisturizer after shower unless you want too. its come with 2 types, the white one is for normal skin, while the blue one is more for dry skin, so they do cater to different types of skin! Next is Toning Foaming Scrub by ELANCYL, its a travel size tube so it lasted me about 2-3 weeks since it only can be use 2-3 days a week. well, its does a little toning but i cant say it really help a lot unless you do have a healthy lifestyle etc, but still helps! love the scent, not too strong and the little bits in the scrub doesnt feel very rough over your skin.

Repurchase? for now none yet, since i did bought another in-shower skin conditioner before along with the white one since there was a offer for 2 at the price of $10++ if i didnt remember wrongly.

This is the current favorite brand, Loreal Paris Hair Expertise, which i currently using is the EverSleek. wrote the review here. for now i switching to sulfate-free shampoo since i do find this working better for my hair currently, maybe due to the less chemicals inside plus no animal testing and 100% vegan. For the price of $14.90 each, its costly as compare to other with sulfate in them, but this one tube can last about 3-4 weeks or more depending on your hair length. 

another part of my weekly hair care treatment., Essential Damage Car Nuance Airy hair mask. love the scents, love the effect of how it does to my hair. next is Nose Strip Charcoal by Cettua, which is from korea, does its job well, but does leave some black stain on the skin if you didnt wet the skin enough or its just me who sometimes doesnt do it right? haha. next is Opti-Free Pure Moist, compare to refresh, this so much better seriously. tried both, but still this pure moist is really comfort to the eyes!

Repurchase? Yes, this time round i bought the orange essential one, but maybe going to try other brand in the future once i empty the orange (: 

guess my empties posts all have this same thing, Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion. it has become a routine for my skin. its a makeup remover, simple as it is, just apply some on the cotton wool and wipe off the makeup, if need arises, simply rinse off with water, but still i wash it afterwards even though it help to remove the makeup. one of my favorite toner, Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner, which i used it after using the cleanser. slight scented, just need to shake to mix the content inside then apply onto the face, no itchy or any dry feeling. Biore Uv Perfect Face Milk, simple sun lotion for the face, you can read my review here. its light and easily apply on to the skin, usually mix together with my Kate BB cream, since it much easier to mix before hand than to apply one by one. 

Repurchase? Maybe for the cleansing lotion and Biore Uv Perfect Face Milk, but for the toner, i currently trying out the toner by White Formula which is made in Taiwan, so it shall wait. 

lastly, i wasnt really a user of Darlie toothpaste before, but now, i do quite like the taste of the toothpaste of the current new series they came out with, not too minty or too strong. they does the trick for normal toothpaste, but if you are looking for those whitening kind, these arent the one you will look for.


one step closer to declutter-ing my box, but still a long way to go ...

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