Thursday, April 10, 2014

Recent Hauls 02

like what the title and photo above say ..


its another recent haul that i had again after a week or 2!

most of the items bought is either a random luck to find, if not they are usually new products that i wish to try out. the *temptation/impulse* feeling inside is making me feeling guilty after this much of purchase! i really need to stop myself from impulse buying for like 2 months or more.

oh well, lets see what i got this time round ..

managed to get my hands on this small mini travel size friendly TRESemme shampoo and conditioner! got these little bottles at guardian at vivo city, for the price of $2.90 each. not very sure if you can get more variety in other branches, but only managed to find 3 types..

next stop was at SASA, a place where you can find lots of single pack mask of different kinds to buy and try before you buy the bigger pack. this series is $2 dollars, *tempted* because of the packaging design. and since i there, i got myself a pink reward card for free, you should get it too if you got a passion card *its free anyways!* plus you get a voucher booklet (:

last and final grabs for the day, is at watsons! there was a 3 days double points for members if you manage to spend more than $38..

another set of mask, but this time round is 2 for $2, usually one is $2. always tempted to buy whatever that is usually one dollars. shall pamper myself soon during my off days :D

Hacudei Palau White Clay Facial Soap, one of the latest products that is recently out in the market. is cost $29.90 plus it come with a foaming net inside, very curious what is like to test it :D

another grabs on travel size Super Moist Light/ Toner with Hyaluronic Acid by White Formula, which is a Taiwan brand. bought both the light and normal toner since its 2 dollar each, usual price is about $3 plus plus.. normal super moist toner is for normal to dry skin, while the super moist light toner is for normal to oily/combination skin. the big bottle is $19.90 for 290ml, while the travel size is only $2 for 35ml *saves about $2-3 if you buy like 8 bottles = 280ml* that to say if you buy at $2 each !

Batiste dry shampoo, something that i always wanted to try about *curious about dry shampoo* especially after a long day of work, and you get too tired to wash the hair and like more rest before waking up the next day to wash it *lazy* especially long hair take longer time to let it dry by itself since blowing it will damage the hair. anIon Power Kiss You ionic toothbrush, from japan, something really interesting! for it to work, you need to wet your finger and touch it while you brush your teeth! its $8.90 only.


with the guilt of impulse buying, i decided to put a little ban on myself of buying anything unless i can empty two then only to purchase one item. 

1. its time to declutter my slash box (:
2. must save for travel !!


if you got any ideas or ways to stop impulse buying, feel free to drop a comment, would like to stop my impulse buying habit (:

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