Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sponsored Review : Triple Dry Anti-perspirant Roll On

after a long break from my blog, here i am back!


this time round, i get to try out another new brand, Triple Dry Anti-Perspirants, thank to samplestore!

i guess i perspire easily as compare to other people, *always* need to worry about body odour!! always needing to look for the different type of deodorant to try out, but *happy* to be able to try out this new Tripe Dry Anti-Perspirants, which come in 2 different types, with fragrance and one without fragrance! they do come with the spray too, but i only got the roll on to review on ...

so why do we perspire?
its part of our body natural way of regulating body temperature, thus we perspire to keep ourselves cool! however, if perspiration is trapped, it can lead to unpleasant odour due to bacterial action!

when do we perspire?

body heat can be affected by the stimuli of mental stress, fear, pain, anger or embarrassment, thus we sweat more! *so our mood play a part too!* but hot, spicy and peppery food also increase the rate of perspiration.


Fresh Anti-Perspirant Refreshing Ladies Fragrance Roll On
Triple Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant Refreshing Ladies Fragrance it is an anti-bacterial anti-perspirant proven to protect against heavy perspiration and odour from sweat. Its unique triple action formula responds to your body, working when you need it most to help you stay dry all day. It also has a waterproof formula that allows you to shower and swim without reapplying. Contains ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

Unfragranced Anti-Perspirant Roll On
Triple Dry Unfragranced Anti-Perspirant is a fragrance free, anti-bacterial anti-perspirant proven to protect against heavy perspiration. just like the one above, with its unique triple action formula.

how to use Triple Dry Anti-Perspirant?
1. Shake bottle first, then apply product every night for 4 consecutive nights before retiring, as the sweat glands barely function during sleep. wash as usual in the morning, do not reapply.
2. Thereafter, use only as needed (normally 2-3 times a week) - ideally before going to bed.
why not?
cause Anti-Perspirant can be harmful to broken or irritated skin, as long as the skin is healthy, there is absolutely no harm done by a good anti-perspirant. *be safe than be sorry right?* 


My thoughts?
only tried out the unfragranced version since i prefer those without any scent as they contain lesser ingredients as compare to those that are scented, plus too much chemical will do harm to our body in long term *play safe* 

since it only need to be apply during night time, i dont have to worry about remembering to apply it in the morning especially when i in a rush i tend to forget a lot of things. it does take a little while to dry up, but after that no sticky feelings or any irritation or burning feelings to the armpit.

4 out 5 i give it, it works for me as it help to reduce the rate of my perspiration, *meaning i still perspire but lesser now* thus less worry about me having body odour too quickly especially in a hot humid day. so why not 5 out of 5? cause its *a little* more expensive as compare to other anti-perspirant or deodorant in the current market.


if you like to try this out, you can redeem their retail-sized sample at here at the samplestore! only $5.99, which you get to choose a total of 4 products to sample, plus some of the products there at samplestore is retail-size thus saving you some money! 

you can find Tripe Dry Anti-Perspirants at any Guardian store for only $15.90!

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