Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recent Hauls 03

another itchy hand to buy things on impulse again, bad habit when i get in low mood these 2 weeks


oh well, at least most of the items are on offer prices! *smiles* 

if you ever visit watsons, you will see lots of sales going on currently but only for selected items which goes up to 30%!! good right? and if you are looking for wet wipes, they are having a buy 1 get 1 free for 2 different types of wipes, one is the $2 dollars which is the blue & green one consisting of 4 packs each, and the other one is the fresh baby wipes costing $5.20 which consist of 90 sheets. *got myself the 90 sheets one cause its much cheaper than the rest* guilty! but you wont often get to see watsons having buy 1 get 1 free unless it members day..

another sets of mask, Ludeya Proex, usually costs $3.50 per pieces, but now its only $2 !! meaning you get to save $1.50 per mask. bought this in Watsons, plus now its the buy 10 get 1 free for the 2 dollars buys, decided to get this to try out *mask freak* there's a few different ranges from this brand, but there also lots of other brands of mask that you can find too!

now i wonder how many masks i have in my storage... another grab at watsons, Leaders insolution, which consists of 2 step, Peeling gel and sleeping mask. $2 dollars each :D

if you are looking for Sally Hansen products, look out for those buy 1 get 1 free pack, cause this brand is having 20% off and even the promotion pack is having the discount! so at the end of the day, i only pay less than $10 dollars for 2 pieces of Maximum Growth treatment *smiles* there's also other set to choose from, so get these before the promotion ends or the sets run outs :D

Essential Damage Care Treatment Milk, one of the *new* product out in the market for awhile already, $11.90 for one bottle, which i bought the promo pack which also consists of a free small size Essential shampoo too! i must say i do love this product, which i shall do a review next time.. another grab was the Maybelline Pure BB Mineral BB Compact, which has SPF 25 & PA +++. the box is quite cute *impulse buying for this* its on 20% off, its quite a decent buy!

back to the $2 buys ...

got myself some samples: Hiruscar, Sunshield, Himalaya Lip Balm, Celebrity Choice Inchloss body cream, from samplestore ~ all you need to pay is $5.99 for the shipment of 4 items, which could also include full size items *which often become out of stock very fast* trying out samples first is one way of helping yourself not to regret buying the full size product especially if it doesn't fit to your needs after paying like crazy :D

from samplestore too! Mygenlife Beauty Collagen and Detox *too bad it doesn't come with the small little bottles but only sample sachets* this is one of the full size product, NIP+FAB Moisture Fix Daily Facial Moisturiser


what's next?
as always i tell myself to clear my slash, but always adding more and more. maybe one free day, i shall just try to gather all the product i have and just take a group shot of them :P

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