Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hair Care Picks

one thing that always worry me is about my hair,  why? 
always getting to see all those people on the street with wonderful looking hair walking around *envious* then looking at my own hair thinking how to make it look more happy looking .. 

why is healthy hair important to me?? for other, bad hair days can be just cover up with a cap or tied up, but if i wear a cap nowadays i tend have oily hair and drop more.. i do have oily hair from the start, dandruff problem too back when i was younger.

with the current unpredictable schedules of my work, sometimes getting home late at night and only to have few hours to sleep before going back to work, i tend to be *LAZY* thus, just washing up without wetting my hair and off too bed. especially having longer hair now as compare to in the past, it need more hard-work to take care ..

. . .

so the journey of how to take good care of my hair began ..


i just sharing 3 different hair products that i been using for quite a while already, and do find them working well to my hair *which it getting better* firstly i do not use them everyday, but i do use them time to time so that i do not over treat my hair. most products will say to use the same series in the same brand or using the product for everyday, but i guess to get better results is to try and get your own preferences which will suit you yourself cause not everyone will have the same problems.

i do like to mix and match products *smiles*

you cant always stick to the same product if it doesn't suit you or benefits you at all. if i find the product i using for awhile doesn't have the same effect as before, i will switch to another product before going back to the same type or another one. 

enough of the long story, lets get back to the 3 main hair care product ..


Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, EverStrong Thickening Tonic and lastly,
Essential Treatment Milk ...

Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, with 5 extracts of flowers + UV filter,  plus color protection and 3 different way that you can use it before shampoo as pre-wash treatment, before drying, or as a finishing touch to your dry hair *styling* you can think that is oil = oily feeling, but its quite light actually, just need to pump 3-4 times on your palm *depending on your hair length* then just apply. no greasy feeling after using on dry hair!

anyone can use this extraordinary oil even with most type of hair like thin, straight, curly etc! its help create manageable and less frizzy hair too! the only con i have about this product is that is a little expensive, costs about $26.90 *if i don't remember wrongly* but manage to get it during the $9 off promotion period from watsons. compare to the other hair oil i tired in the past, this Loreal Paris Extraordinary Oil work better and most importantly is lightweight and no oily after feel.

Next, Loreal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong Thickening Tonic, has became another part of my time to time hair routine.. they say losing some strains of hair is a common thing to happen everyday, but sometimes it does worry me too since the amount of hair lost each day and how many hair is growing to replace those drop hairs?! usually only using this after drying my hair before i go to bed, since the nozzle spray doesnt have a wide spray area, so u need to spray at different spots depending on where you want, for me i only spray at both side of the forehead and around the top part, then massaging my scalp. my hair does love it so *smiles* 

it will leave a cooling sensation and some minty scent to your scalp *pleasant* currently using it after Klorane shampoo with peony extract and EverStrong Conditioner *another mix and match combo*

Essential Damage Care Treatment Milk, only $11.90 and along with a free shampoo bundle together. with so much good reviews online, decide to try it out *curious*  

at the first use of this treatment milk before sleeping, it really work very well! pleasant scent just like the other series, and quite lightweight and non-oily. all you need is to just pump 2-3 times *depending on your hair length* let it absorb for a little while then just go to bed & sleep, wake up and you will find your hair still smooth and silky!! compare to before, waking up every morning, all i see is frizzy and messy hair, but now is like so much better.

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