Saturday, November 29, 2014

Review : Innisfree Sleeping Pack Mini Set

as working hours become longer each day, who wouldnt like to just go home, take a long bath and off to bed for the next day. well, that my currently life i having now, and all i like is a good night sleep after a long day of work each night. being tired means the lazy me so i would most probably just skip most of the skincare routine and go straight to bed.

and a solution for the lazy me? sleeping pack, which also can mean sleeping mask in other terms! *smiles*

. . .

well, you can find lots of different types of sleeping mask in the market currently, depending on your skin type, there's anti-aging, whitening, hydration etc ... i do personally love sleeping mask as it works wonder for me while i sleep, especially for days when i just too tired after a long day. 

great thing is to get to try out this little mini tubes of sleeping pack collection, from Innisfree. 3 types to try out : whitening, moisture and age defying.

Eco Science White C Sleeping Pack, a whitening pack which helps to reveal translucent tender skin with the help of Jeju eco-friendly tangerine peel and green tea double effect. this sleeping pack also consists of Vitamin C and shea butter too.

after applying it *creamy texture* on the face, its easily absorb into the skin and doesnt feel very sticky nor oily afterwards, no worry about feeling any discomfort! mild sweet scent, and i love it. plus waking up in the morning feeling quite fresh and moist, no dullness or even dryness tired face.  

Green Tea Sleeping Pack, with organic green tea water to fill dry skin with suppleness and clarity while you sleep.

this is one of the sleeping mask that seem to amaze me, unlike the Eco Science White C Sleeping Pack, this Green Tea Sleeping Mask has little micro bits or capsules in it! and when you apply on your face, the micro bits just seem to dissolve into the skin. this has a lighter texture as compare to the Eco Science one, and it absorb into the skin quite fast. this pack is more suitable for those with oily or combination skin type, and if your is dry, it might be a little too light for your skin type.


well, there another one which is the Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack, not really a fan of it since the strong is a little too overwhelming for me with its wine/grape scent. however, for the wine jelly, its does have a little jelly/pudding like texture as compare to the other 2 sleeping pack. however, its hydrating power isnt as great as the other 2 pack.

these little sleeping packs do look adorable for it small size beside its actual retail size product, plus they do come with a seal so no worry of any leakage before hand .. each has their own little differences, the eco science - creamy yet easily absorb, green tea - little micro bits which dissolve like magic, and lastly, wine jelly - a jelly texture unlike other sleeping mask. 

there's so many different of sleeping mask or pack in the market, so which is your favorite? *smiles*

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