Sunday, November 2, 2014

Project : Mini Garden 02

late nights looking after the little garden at the balcony, it just amazes me with how this place can look different during the day and night. just like how another mushroom just randomly appear in the night while the night before there wasnt any sign of it growing at all ...


one of the flower buds has bloom, and cant wait till the rest to bloom too! *cross fingers* a fruit will appear right ?! 

same type of plants, but 2 different colors and sizes in different pots  

. . .


all these pictures are taken during the night, well, looking after this mini garden takes a bit more hard work and care for them. though is lots of green now, shall add in some colors next round to brighten up the place *smiles* surprisingly, sweet potato grows faster than potato !! weird right?! or am i growing it the wrong way? 

anyone has any idea? well, i guess i still have lots to learn from this little project..

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