Sunday, November 16, 2014

Project : Mini Garden 03

i starting to take a liking in focusing more on my mini garden project, one thing i learn from this is that it does help to me make feel relax and peaceful each day. its just help to calm my mind down all the time ...

a new stand for the little plants, so they dont get too wet during the heavy rain *smiles*

what's more to add a smiley bin to bring a little smile to the project!

its another sweet potato again since my mom keep forgetting to cook them, plus it started to sprout so i decided to just let it grow and see how it goes. for now, this the forth sweet potato and i need to find some other variety to play with ..

finally it has turns to a little small ball size ..

tried and growing a potato, it take a longer time as compare to the sweet potato.

this weed is really durable, why?

even after dad remove it and place it side-way, hoping that it will just dyed and turn to fertilizers for the plant but it stay strong, growing roots on it stem side-ways too. interesting find today, so i place it in another small pot again hoping it will grow up *smiles* 

. . .

well i glad that just staying in this garden for awhile really turn a bad day into a good day, all started with a mistake made for agreeing to a promo package without asking more first and end up paying 100 bucks more *lesson learnt* ..

next this ntuc aunty just think that refund is the solution of a wrong price tag and all faults goes to system since its a "NEW" product with a price tag which has not been updated. a first for me seriously! plus she seriously has a "i dont care" or "this is not my problem" attitude when you ask her a question.

everyone will have a bad day right? clearly today isnt a good one for me. at least this project helps to clear my mind to forget the bad experiences for the day.

as the phrase goes, “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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