Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review : Innisfree 1 Minute Lip Scrub

truth to be told, this is the first time i'm using a lip scrub and it simply just amazed me. plus my lip tend to get dry easily and always crack if too dry, so decided to get Innisfree 1 Minute Lip Scrub since i was having a shopping haul at Innisfree *smiles*

. . .

its come in a simple little tube, with a short and simple information sheet. what's great about this 1 Minute Lip Scrub, is that it doesnt contain those beads that a scrub usually have, it just felt like it's creamy white scrub has invisible micro exfoliates, so gentle! well, all you need to do is just apply some of the scrub onto you lip after cleansing, then gently rub in circular motion for a minute or less than 2, before using a wet tissue to wipe it off.  

instead of the scrub removing the dead cell right away, it helps to loosen up the dry skin first so it easier to remove it gently later, by doing this, it helps to prevent any lost of moisture from the lips. meaning its quite ideal for sensitive skin since it formula is quite gentle and fragrance-free.

well, for a small tube, which cost about $7, its seem quite reasonable as its quality over quantity. *smiles* 

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