Sunday, January 25, 2015

Review : Baby Smooth Skin Clear Peeling Gel

first is sleeping masks, second comes facial scrub, as far as we know, scrub can sometimes be quite abrasive to the skin, but i got a few laying on the shelf waiting to be use. and recently, this Baby Smooth Skin Clear Peeling Gel by Cleansing Research , from Beauty Creative Lab ( a Japanese brand by the way ), caught my eye when it was on a promo pack buy 1 get 1 free. *impulse buying* but who can resist it right? plus its currently kind of *new* in the market , so why not give it a try right?! since its pricing is quite reasonable and its cheaper than CURE, another kind of exfoliating gel...

so whats the different between a peeling gel and a scrub?
peeling gel is a kind of chemical peel, which helps in exfoliating  and removal of the top layer of dead skin cell, plus they are generally much more gentle as compare to scrubs.

what is this all about?
this gel will absorbs the dead skin cells, oil and dirt from the pores, which in turn help to prevents acne and clogged pores. Since its comprised of 90% water and moisturizing ingredients such as peach juice and essence. plus it washes off gently, thus doesnt leave your skin feeling dry or flaky!

well, first thing that come to you will be its sweet yet artificial peach scent, for me personally i dont really quite like it but neither do i hate it actually. its pink packaging just make it look kind of sweet baby feeling, but inside, the gel is translucent kind.

secondly, it’s neither clumpy or clunky, so its spread around quite easily. a couple of minutes is all it takes to see the residues appear and all you need to do is just rinse off with water. just as it stated, you wont feel dry or flaky, but fresh and soft skin *smiles* it really does helps to remove the dirt too! 

well, its best to use it on alternate days about once or twice a week since dirt and dead skin cell will never stop to accumulate each day *smiles* plus you can also use it on your body too! using it on a weekly basis can help and encourage the skin to recover and adjust to the removal and renewal of skin cell, thus helping to maintain a smooth and bright skin. however, if you regular, it wont really work much after awhile, since there wont be much to exfoliate anyway..

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