Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mini Reviews 01

its been awhile and i here with a mini review to start off, lately it all about clearing my stash since its only one more month plus before cny is here. meaning its SPRING CLEARING time! so its busy time to declutter and stay neat for the time being *smiles* cause i not really a neat kind of person, but more like a messy neat person. one thing for sure is that you are sure to find all my things all around my house and not in one neat place...

well, found these 4 products laying around and i havent touch yet, so here i am to use them up and clear my stash *smiles* actually there's still more hidden in the boxes "neatly" on my table that i have yet to try using.

its common to buy things and just put it aside, then forgetting it's existence after awhile .. 


Curel Body Wash
small white simple bottle, which will last about 2-3 wash depending on how much you use. surprisingly this transparent liquid contain no scent at all or maybe a very mild scent that is hard to smell, plus its easily lather and clear well. no worries about skin feeling dry or irritated afterwards, and do feel refresh after using *smiles* what's more is that it claims to be gentle for sensitive skin and baby too! its worth the try if you can get hold of the trial samples!

. . .

Nivea Extra White Pore Minimiser Mud Foam
its only $2 for the travel size tube which is why i bought it, but also because of the results they claim to have. well, after trying out this out, i must say that compare to the other cleanser i tried, this has a really weird scent, which i cant really figure out what kind of scent is it but is not the chemical kind! if you ignore the scent, it really does clear well, and quite gentle as stated on the packaging. it looks silvery greyish in color and lather easily too! after wash, pore does look better but it does dry the skin a little so its best not to use often! *cheers*

. . .

Vaseline Healthy White Instant Fair Lotion
well, when it stated instant fair, it really does that. if you dont believe, try on one side first then compare with the other side, you will see the different after applying. however, its fairness effect doesnt last long after applying. i guess it just a instant / for a moment kind of magic lotion. its pinkish in color, light and easily absorb well into the skin, along with its sweet floral *that my thought* scent. its only $2 *smiles* if you are looking for a travel size lotion to bring along, plus Vaseline also has other types of $2 lotions that you can buy and try out too!

. . .

Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil Hand Cream
this hand cream is part of the Naturals by Watsons Argan Oil series ( is formulated with natural and organic ECOCERT certified Argan Oil from Morocco ) which also consist of body lotion, shower and body scrub *tried & love this* (review here) just like its body scrub, it has this sweet pleasant scent, white creamy texture. a little oily at the start when applying but once its absorb into the skin, it feels smooth and moist. *loves* as a house brand, it only cost $4.90, which is quite reasonable since there's also promotions too during some times, plus it does not contain parabens, mineral oils or silicone! *thumb up*

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