Saturday, July 19, 2014

Recent Hauls 04

its been awhile since i last posted about my hauls, well this time round i only did spent a little bit since i trying to cut down on my spending due to some over spending for the month..

still i guess i over spend for the month *headache* need to start a saving project!! any idea to spare anyone? haha *smile*


hey its GSS period, so much of the items bought are on offer, who can resist?! these items are bought either from watsons and guardian, since both stores are having offers!! plus some few samples i got online too.


got Loreal Paris 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution during the member sales at watsons, its was like less than 10 dollars, so why not? *smiles* reviews online seem good and i need a new make-up remover too. another small travel size shampoo and conditioner by TONI&GUY both for less than $6 dollar if i didnt remember wrongly, but currently the offer is one for $3 plus usually is $5 plus, so save about $2 each!!!

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, usual price about $18, but this time round it comes in a 50% more bigger tube for the same price as the normal size one. i did try out the small travel size tube for this, which i must say its really nice! shall do a review next time round (:

another wet wipes haul again, just recently watsons just had its own label one day special, got myself some wet wipes since its ONE FOR ONE offer. got one myself a set of miffy travel small pack for $4.00 for 2, $3.90 for 2 facial cleansing wipes, but i bought the bigger miffy wipes with 90 pieces at $5.00 for 2 which is the current promotion that is going on *much better than the ONE for ONE offer* if you are interested, you can mix the small and the big miffy for only $5 for 2, usual price for small is $4.00 and big one is $5.20. 

next stop, guardian, another travel size grabs all $2 only! but manage to get the Fruit of The Earth at only $2 when its suppose to be $3.90 each, lucky me since they were place at the $2 bins. Garnier DuoClean, the new range that  is out too. 

if you read the Today newspaper, the thursday one, guardian got the ad about their promotion and just need to cut the little paper to receive a free travel size La Roche-Posay kit that worth $12.90. actually i was expecting a little more than just 2 small travel tube, but oh well, its free anyway! *smiles* 

i do love this brand, Innisfree, been using the cleanser from this range too and love it! the packaging is nice and what more the bottle inside look nicer :P 

Lastly, manage to get my hands on little Curel Sebum Trouble Care samples of the lotion and gel from facebook if i didnt remember wrongly. its lovely how they pack the small sample bottle in seal plastic. got the HA Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion from one of the samplestore loot! for the Counterpain Cool, but i cant remember where i got it from, its kind of cute for a little small tube!


as usual, i always need to tell myself its time to clear my stash *smiles* but ended up adding more into the pile (:

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