Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review : Loreal Paris EverStrong Hydrate Conditioner

sometimes its hard to really get the right hair product just right for you own hair, but well, at least i managed to find one that could do well to my hair. 


introducing ... Loreal Paris EverStrong Hydrate Conditioner, got this quite awhile ago during the crazy promotion when it was 2 for $9.90, which one usually cost $14.90 each. i didnt managed to get to try the shampoo since i only bought the conditioners, but i already in my second tube. 

for the EverStrong series, there is 2 different types that can be found in the stores, the one i using is Hydrate (lighter green in color packaging) and the other one is Thickening (dark green packaging). another different aside from the packaging color, Hydrate is for normal to dry hair, while Thickening is more towards weak and thinning hair.

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after thoughts?
well, after trying out quite a few numbers of different conditioners, i really do love this Loreal Paris EverStrong Hydrate Conditioner a lot. when we use conditioner, we will want our hair to feel smooth and soft after using it, this conditioner really does it great.

first it leave your hair really silky smooth, secondly, my hair feel healthier and much more manageable these day after washing. whats more it come with a minty minty scent !  for me, after trying this, i find that other conditioners doesnt really work as well as this, its just a different after feeling on the hair. and also, this is 100% vegan, thus it is not tested on animal nor have any animal byproduct!

i guess hair does need its moisture too, without moisture in them, they tend to turn dry = coarse, staticy and prone to tangles and breakage.


oh, just one tip i saw online which could be helpful is that while looking for shampoo and conditioner, find those with Glycerin, an ingredient which infuses moisture into all types of hair. but i guess most of them nowadays will contain this ingredient actually *smile* well, taking note of what's inside the list could help find the right product sometimes! 

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