Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review : Marc Anthony Instantly Thick Volume Shampoo + Conditioner

i guess its easier to find salon hair care products in the markets nowadays especially at a reasonable pricing when its on offer! *smiles* a little hair junkie like me, who doesnt really often goes to the salon to do my hair, cant say no to these salon hair products! if they works, why not?! plus you get to save a buck once awhile too...

been wanting to try out Marc Anthony brand quite a while ago, got the Instantly Thick Volume Shampoo & Conditioner at offer price $11.10 , usual price around $16++ *if i didnt remember wrongly* well after trying a few different brands, i give this a thumb up!! *cheers*


if you are looking for volume, this is something you can try !

Sulfate Free Hair Thickening Shampoo
with a mix of  Hydrolyzed Corn, Soy and Wheat Proteins called Phytokeratin, which penetrates the hair to strengthen and expand each strand. help repairs dry, frizzy areas and transforms thin, flat hair into full, shiny, voluminous locks without any added weight. It helps maintain moisture balance too!

Sulfate Free Weightless Volumizing Conditioner
this conditioner adds nourishment without weighing down your hair. like its shampoo, the protein blend penetrates the hair to strengthen and expand each strand, plus Vitamin B. Thus, helps to seal in the added protein layer created using the Instantly Thick Shampoo!

just like what it stated, after washing & drying, hair does feel much more thicker and with volume! i surprised to see shea butter as one of the ingredients inside both the shampoo & conditioner, plus it smell nice & sweet too *loves* no dryness or weigh down hair, plus it lasted till the next day.

great for people who have thin hair, but if you got frizzy hair, its just give you the volume & the moisture but doesnt really solve the frizzy part of the problem..

personally for me, i do find changing brands once awhile does better than keep on using the same brand for a long time. changing from time to time, help to keep the shampoo + conditioner effect lasting and more effective as compare to using it long just lose its effectiveness *own thoughts* well, every once in a while its good for a chance too, its like you wouldnt want to keep eating the same old food every day right? after awhile, you will just get sick of it. its good to pamper the hair once in awhile too *smiles*

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