Friday, March 20, 2015

Recent Hauls 11 : PLAZA@COSME

a little late on my recent haul at PLAZA@COSME, and its really cheap since they are having their closure sales @ 100AM *sad* but do take a look since their pricing is from $1 - $15 only!

although its a clearance sales, there's not really a lot of products on the shelving for sales, but still the pricing is just hard to resist! i got a total of 9 items, and all i need to spend is $38 only! another thing is that the expiry dates are like 1 or 2 years more so its really a good grab if you are interested in japanese skin care products..

Juju Aquamoist Moisture Carbonated Bubble Washing Foam
got interested in the word CARBONATED! bubble washing. its suppose to help clear dead skin cells while you wash face, and hydrate it after every wash. its also Oil & Alcohol free with no artificial coloring.

Juju Aquamoist Moisture Elastic Lotion K-Collagen
3 different kinds of collagen and moisturizer in it! no animal substance or mineral oil used. & 100% pure water used for this lotion ..

Juju Aquamoist Moisture Lotion (Light)
if your skin get oily easily, do try using lotions that are light! plus its less sticky feeling too.

Juju Aquamoist Cleansing Cream
a makeup remover that gently hydrates the skin, & a second use as a moisturizer!

Juju Aquamoist Base Makeup
6 purposes - UV cut, smooth out pores, controls oil, improves skin tone, high moisture & helps keep makeup last longer.

the whole Aquamoist Range is at $5 for each item *smiles* cheap right? usual price is like thrice or double it. 

Juju Shiromomohada Whitening Water
easy whitening and moisturizing effect, along with a peachy scent that you can use both on the face & body. its only $3 for each bottle!! 

Juju Bihada Kobo Cleansing Gel
just got this cause its was like $2-3 only *smiles* plus it also contains beauty essence & oils like collagen, placenta extract, hyaluronic acid, emollient, sunflower seed oil, skin protective ingredients! removes heavy makeups & doesnt contain colouring and its scent free!

. . .

well, cant wait to try out the new ranges of Aquamoist products & the rest too! * and lots more to clear my shelf again * i got the Shigaisen Yohou UV Spray at the store too, but its currently not in the store anymore *sad since it was a really good UV spray and it so convenient to just buy from the store since its near* but u can always find more other Japanese brand products on their website beautydirect if you are interested ..

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