Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review : Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Conditioner

another one added into my list of favorite hair care, why?

once a bottle is emptied, like any other people, i will just need to get another bottle of conditioner, without conditioner, my hair is really really in bad shape. since i tried before loreal paris , i decided why not try another brand? 

there's so many brand out in the market, however after trying loreal hydrating series, i guess moisture to the hair is quite important too, since that conditioner was the one that really improve my hair conditioner and after its emptied, using sunsilk wasnt really doing any good to my hair.. its really personal preferences as you do need to see which work best for you! some product might not be good for you but to others, it might work for them. 

its really TRY AND ERROR kind of process before really know which is doing great for you (:


so back to topic, this time round i decided to try OGX, which is Organix. its Sea Mineral Moisture Conditioner. why only conditioner? i just wanted to test try first, plus washing with other shampoo does not much harm right? 

what caught my eye on this was actually its sea mineral, usually u see argan and many more other oil like olive etc ... sea minerals? its a first for me *smiles* 

its look appealing to the eye with its aquamarine tone even the conditioner itself is the same color too, which goes with its ingredient Sea Minerals. plus i love the scent of this conditioner, really give you the beachy salty atmosphere when you apply it on your hair after washing. whats more, it does stay on the hair even till the next day with a mild scent.

some of the ingredients you can find inside is sea water, algae and kelp extracts .

another plus point about this conditioner is that is not tested on animals, plus their bottles are eco-friendly, manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin. everytime you buy one bottle, once you emptied, you throw them away, so buying those eco-friendly bottle help a little to save the environment (:

after thoughts?
after rinsing, the hair feel refreshing. but after drying, it felt more manageable and better. first time you see a slight different, but after a few more wash, my hair get better and better. 

this Sea Mineral Moisture comes in a series which consist of the shampoo, conditioner, deep treatment and the spray oil. the cost is around $15.90 each. shall wait for a discount before i get my hands on OGX others range series like the coconut water series which seem interesting (:

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  1. I've heard good things about this organix product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.


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