Friday, August 8, 2014

Review : Dr. Morita Black Pearl Essence / Repairing & Moisturizing Facial Mask

one of my recent haul again!! plus its like only 2 days ago i purchase these 2 set of masks.. 


i did use Dr. Morita mask before, and these 2 seem to be just recently out in the market as i didnt see them on the shelving before. 2 reasons, first their new packaging with the different type Black Pearl & DNA, secondly, watsons was having some sales like 20% off plus if 5 items and more above $30 you get extra points *smiles*

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so let's introduce Dr. Morita Black Pearl Essence Facial Mask & Repairing & Moisturizing Facial Mask.. 


Black Pearl Essence Facial Mask ... whats inside?
black pearl extract - contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, can effectively dilute the dull, tender and white skin.
water molecule hyaluronic acid - can rapidly penetrate into the deeper and more comprehensive cuticle surface, and hyaluronic acid macro molecules with each other, enabling a more moisturizing effect is doubled.
ceramide3 - quickly lock water, deep moisturizing effect, can be maintained moisture, coherent and effective dry skin.
hydrolyzed collagen - the ability to strengthen hydration and moisturizing effect, increase skin firmness and elasticity smooth fine lines.

this is what they stated on the packaging ..

first thing you see is black when you tear open one pack, not the serum but is the mask that is fully black *smiles* normally mask come in one color mainly white so its something new to me. not only the color is different, the texture of the mask is somehow felt like thin cloth texture kind, not the very thin that will be easily tear apart, but slightly thicker plus it fit well on the face for me. next, its full of serum, even after removing the mask from the pack, inside still got leftover serum that you can apply onto your skin if dont want to waste them. cant really figure out what kind of scent since its a little different from the other mask i try before, but it not overpowering so still quite alright.  even after leaving it to dry on your face, the mask doesnt fall apart but the other way round, it still fit nicely n slightly tighter onto your skin.

next on the list is Repairing & Moisturizing Facial Mask.
what's inside ...
Small molecule hyaluronic acid - which is the smallest of all, can easily penetrate the stratum corneum, reaching deep water retention.
Sake yeast - can effectively moisturizing, fade dull and clarity of the skin.
Hydrolyzed collagen - the ability to strengthen hydration and moisturizing effect, increase skin firmness and elasticity and smooth fine lines and prevent skin aging.

just like the black pearl mask, i cant really figure out the scent for this mask too. but its just like the black mask, although its white in color, this pack of mask does contain lot of serum but not as much like the black one. what i like is that you still can feel the moist from the serum even after 20mins plus, and you will feel the mask slowly tighten but doesnt fall out of shape even after it start to dry up.


after using both of the masks, i quite like both of the 2 types because after using and removing the mask, the serum is easily absorb into the skin, and doesnt really cause any sticky feeling or like any layer of serum that is left on the skin without being absorb in.. plus usually sometimes after using some masks, my face kind of turn oily easily *which depend too* but this 2 mask doesnt cause any oiliness after removing.. plus i do feel my face a little more firm after using, very different from most of the mask i tired *cheers*

well, i got these from watsons if you like to get one for yourself.

the black pearl mask box consist of 7 masks, while the repair & moisture mask box only consist of 5 pieces. i dont see individual ones selling yet, so if you want to try, you need to get the whole box.

do remember if you have sensitive skin, take a little serum to test try on your hand first in case of any outbreak (:

plus remember to put those masks in the fridge before using, to give your face a refreshing feeling when you put them on!!


  1. For the black pearl mask, are you supposed to peel off the paper on the mask and put that side on your face?

    1. hello there :)

      if you meant the plastic sheet, actually either side works, since the sheet is there to hold the mask firmly in the packaging :)

    2. Thanks, would you recommend rubbing the rest of the essence on the body as moisturizer?

    3. usually i do apply the balance on my neck & hands too :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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