Monday, March 3, 2014

Sponsored Review : Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel

another sponsored post, sponsored by samplestore (:
thankyou again for another amazing product to test try!


simple basic information about HADA LABO
is a skin care line researched and developed by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Japan and the Mentholatum Co. With a philosophy "Prefect X Simple", Hada Labo uses only the purest ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, with no unnecessary additives and manufactured under strict pharmaceutical standards.

this time round is Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel, which offers 3-in-1 benefits to give fair bright and beautiful skin. Plus fast absorbing and non-oily in texture, this whitening gel boosts 3-in-1 skincare product benefits of 


a box packaging with most of the information you need is printed on, neat and simple :D


Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin Whitening Perfect Gel contains 3 trinity efficacious ingredients that penetrate within and work on the skin synergistically:
- Natural Arbutin: High concentration levels at 3% of Japanese pharmaceutical-level Arbutin to offer effective whitening results. Enhances skin fairness and targets dark spots.

- Efficacious Vitamin C Concentrate: Proven anti-oxidant enhances collagen production, inhibits the appearance of dark spots and reawakens the appearance of dull skin.
- Hyaluronic Acids (HA) and nano-Hyaluronic Acids: HA is a natural component found on skin. The duo-HA molecules instantly hydrate and lock-in moisture, keeping skin soft, smooth & bouncy.
 simple white packaging *open the lid* watery and crystal like transparent gel inside! 

all you need to do is apply your lotion first, then take sufficient amount of the gel and spread over your face and neck. gently massage the gel to allow absorption into the skin !

  • light and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving a cooling feeling afterwards. starting part when you apply is a little sticky but awhile later is soft and smooth.
  • whitening part? still unable to see the result but time will tell *cant wait to use it longer*
  • moisturizing, YES!
  • since it can also be use as a sleeping mask, which really feel great! tried a few times, felt great the next morning and didnt feel any dryness after using the gel, but weather been so hot lately so sometimes will still feel a slight dryness. oh well, no skin irritation or any breakout yet so *thumbs up*

last but not least!
its available @ BHG, Guardian, NTUC, OG, Robinsons, Sasa, Unity and Watsons at the price of $38.90 / 80g


do look out for the Hada Labo 3-in-1 Arbutin whitening Prefect Gel Snow Princess game on Hada Labo Singapore Facebook page to stand to win this product as well! or check their fb for more information about the brand too :D

if you like to try out before getting it, you can redeem free sample at! while stocks last. plus also other samples/trials can be redeem there too !! *smiles*

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