Sunday, March 30, 2014

Recent Hauls 01

the habit of impulse buying is back again, but then again, its one of the ways to keep me motivated to look forward after those long days of working. everyone sure have different ways to motivate / keep themselves happy, but for me *sadly* is this ..


who could resists those recent offers once awhile right?


lets get started, most of the items bought are things i havent try before and after days of thought that i decided to buy & try *excuses for impulse buying* ahha .. 

if you ever walk into CK department store, some times you will notice quite a few cheap sales going on, and i got a pack of charcoal nose strip, brand Cettua, Silky and Clear Nose Strip Charcoal for less than $3 only for 6 strips, whats more is that is make in korea and after using a few times, its quite simple to use and no scents at all plus not pain at all *unless you pull with force*. is also hypo-allergenic and dermatologist tested! *no outbreak*

is really hard to find the $2 bottle of Bifesta cleansing express Sebum, but managed to find 2 more bottles *happy!* is really worth to get those small bottle instead of the big bottle! *save* if you like, you can read my review here (:

this the new extraordinary oil from Loreal Paris, normal pricing is $26 plus, but now watsons is having a promotion!! if you spend $18 on any haircare product, you get $9 off for the oil, good grab right? plus this red one is for colored/permed hair with UV filter, especially good when you are always living in a sunny small island (:

this was bought on impulse *opps* but a free case without a foundation inside, it will just turn into a white elephant even if the case look nice. plus there's a 20% off Maybelline so why not?! 

this was a free sample that i managed to get at NEX guardian store, if you show a passion card at the counter, you can get a free sample of herbal essences new japan series touchable smooth. i not sure if they have the purple one which is for the moisture, but you can try you luck since its while stock last @ only 20 outlets, if you like you can go to the passioncard website to look for the promo !

bought this gel cuticle remover during the 20% off, fingers been quite a bad shape *sad* for these few weeks, so decided it time to pamper my hands and nails. if you don't start now, who's know when it will be too late..

got myself a new lipstick primer by CLIO, Virgin Kiss Lip Primer @ $14.90, always wanted to try it but still looking at the color range *thinking whether to get some since they are all quite rich & striking* its a new step to take especially when you are growing up and it *time* to make some effort on myself too!

EverStrong Thickening Tonic by Loreal Paris Hair Expertise, is a new series that is recently out. bought this at watsons, is $29.90, but you get 100 bonus point meaning $5 saved for $28 dollar or more spend *if i didnt remember wrongly* on Loreal Hair expertise products. been trying the EverSleek series and shall see if this tonic is really as good as it stated!


actually there's more to this, and next time i shall *maybe* give a ban to myself if i continue the impulse buying! especially after tat previous member day @ watsons, too much damage have been cost and its time to focus on declutter-ing my storage!

- from now will start doing random hauls instead of monthly, since its much easier to keep track on the things i buy (:

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