Saturday, October 3, 2015

Monthly Empties 06 September

its been really awhile since i did the monthly empties' posts or updating my blog, shall restart this aim again on a monthly basis again. this post will be for the month of September with some from the previous month piling up ...

there isn't much this time round, since i started to buy only things i needed or finished, which is a good start to reducing my storage! *smiles*


lets start with all the sprays..

Nivea anti-perspirant Whitening Happy Shave (review)
deodorant is really a necessity for me, since i do sweat easily and sometimes its hard to control the smell after a hot day, so using  does helps alot! since its a spray, which make it so much convenient during morning routine!

Biore UV Perfect Spray
it being $9.90 for sunscreen spray, is so much convenient and time saver! best part of it being a spray is that you can easily spray some on your scalp, hand and legs! but it being a spray means it also get used up quickly, but can lasts about 3-4 weeks depending on usage. well, i will definitely repurchase this after i finish up with my other biore sunscreens, which is like 2-3 more! ha ha..

Shigaisen Yohou UV Spray 4+ (review)
this is currently my second spray after using! its convenient and time saver just like biore, but since the shop wasn't selling it anymore, and the appearance of biore UV spray, thus i end up switching sides!

Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water Spray
been using this bio water spray for quite a long period of time already, if compare to avene water spray, which i currently trying out, i will stick back to bio-essence since personally i much prefer this and i dunno why the avene spray which i using now has a scent, which i just find it just weird. plus it comes in different sizes which is convenient when u need for travel or home use!

Loreal Paris Keratin Smooth Frizz Eraser Spray (short review)
as usual, a hair spray use to protect my hair before using the straighter. reduce the frizzly part plus light weight and doesn't cause your hair to feel oily too!

Benzac Daily Liquid Cleanser (short review)
it comes in handy when you have slight ache problems too! no worries of it drying out the skin after cleansing, plus it smell nice too. well, i just bought another 1 more since it works well.

Garnier Duo Foam Cleanser
this time round i tried the minerals - whitening + oil control, i don't really see much whitening, but as for the oil control, it does help and my face doesn't oil up so easily. however, its a little dry after using thus using a toner afterwards is a must. well, since it comes in a travel size tube, go buy the small one first before getting the actual size one, since its only $2! this series has another one, which the rice for whitening and pore, you can read it here *smiles*

La Roche-Posay Sensi White Foaming Cream
got to tried out this little sample tube, its lather easily and smell greats too! it does clean well, but the brightening part i cant really tell since its only a small tube.

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam
out of all the cleanser that i have tried, this is the greatest cleanser for me so far! and i definitely love this product so much! its cleans well, lather easily, smell great, doesn't feel dry afterwards, and there is like little micro bits in it which *melts* as you cleanse you face. already stock up another tube!

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask (review)
something i wish i can use daily, but now i using it once awhile since it $6.90 for a pack of 5. its really does help you feel relax with the heat it gives out on the eyes. usually for me, i will use it when i go to bed, so its alot easily to doze off since it helps to relax, you can also use it between breaks for a short de-stressing during work too! i will recommend buying the unscented ones, since the heat is better as compare to those scented ones, but can also try the scented ones since there's quite a few diff scents to try! i prefer the yuzu/citcus ones especially!

Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel (review)
sunscreen is an important thing which i apply every time before i go out of the house. plus this Biore Watery Gel is easy to apply and doesn't make your face or skin feel oily or dry afterward. with its light citrus scent, its one of the greatest sunscreen i tried! definitely will get another one ..

Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Sleeping Mask (review)
busy work life schedule, whats best to use a sleeping mask so you wont need to waste your sleeping hours, since it works while you sleep and you just need to wash it off when you cleanse your face in the morning. repurchase? maybe after i finished up my other sleeping masks first! i have a little craze over sleeping mask, since it great for a lazy person like me *smiles*

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin Toner
i definitely love this Korean brand, especially its volcanic pore series, but bought this to try out since there wasn't stock for the volcanic toner. i love the scent it has, something sweet fruity candy scent, plus it also work well for a toner, moisture to the skin.

Furterer Forticea Shampoo & Carthame Hydro-nutritive Mask sample tubes
just some sample tubes i got from the previous few sales, and for the Forticea Shampoo, is really nice to use, suppose to help with thinning hair, there little micro beads in the shampoo to help stimulate the hair. while the hair mask helps to soften the hair after using the shampoo. both smell great, but i will definitely get the Forticea Shampoo when there's a sale!

Kustie Chamomile Shower & Bath Gel
this shower gel comes with flower petals inside with it, plus it really has a nice flowery scent to it after you come out of the bath. usual price for this travel size is $4.90, but i got it during a promotion which was $2 only, and now i regretted not buying more that time!

Essential Treatment Milk (review)
i just like those products that you just need to apply before you go to bed, cause it just convenient since you don't have to wait. repurchase? not for the time being. since i just bought a few different hair oils to try out.


till next round *smiles*

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