Sunday, July 19, 2015

Project : Mini Garden 05

its been awhile since i last updated about my mini garden, quite a number of changes from the previous garden post. added some new plants and removed some, but its still hard for me to find the right tricks in keeping them healthy ..



little fruits *smiles* but they just stop growing ..

dad bought another 2 pots of pomelo plants to replace the previous one since it became botek and wasn't in good shape! plus i got to try growing ginger, but it got a little dried yet it still growing ..

the flowers dried up easily but the orchid plant just keep surviving *smiles*

and finally i got to try out propagating, a first for me and this method is much faster than trying to grow from the seeds. by the way its really quite fun, so now i got quite a number of the similar plant in mini size!

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