Sunday, December 21, 2014

Project : Mini Garden 04

a little update with my mini garden project, which i have added a few more little plants into this collection since there was an offer of buying 3 for $10 (2 cactus and 1 plant) well now i just adding more greens ...

the wild grass are growing *smile* but quite slowly ..

it look like lotus leaf but is actually from a yam  ..

have no idea what the name of this plant, but now i got a little christmas tree since i cant get a big one! well, i cant wait to decorate it soon ..

grew a mini jack and the beanstalk

will i get spring onions from this sprouting onion?

. . .

and yes, i finally harvest my first sweet potato plant, since its leaves were overwhelming my balcony grills. surprisingly the original sweet potato i planted, kind of extended in length and along with 3 little sweet potatoes. a first for me and i did felt really excited and amazed!! as for the potato plant, the potato that was planted turn out mushy when i dig it out, while the leaf and stem are still grow well. cant wait to see the results of the onion and yam test growth!!

bought some new seeds to be planted, hopefully it will start growing into little seedlings *smiles*

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